Inclusive Hybrid Work is Made for Remote Teams

Inclusion insights to foster an inclusive hybrid-remote work space

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How it Works

Webex Meetings + Inclusive = An Inclusive Hybrid-Remote Work Environment

Webex by Cisco

Install Inclusive Hybrid Work App

  • Download Inclusive Hybrid-Remote Work app for Webex Meetings
  • A free Webex Meetings integration app that requires no new software
  • The app uses no artificial intelligence and thus doesn't require any 3rd party audit
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Team Communication

Team Communication as Usual

  • The team communicates in a typical manner with no new software to use
  • Promotes usage of video interaction to foster an inclusive environment
  • Admins and users have complete control over KPIs measured
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Inclusion Insights

Actionable Inclusion Insights

  • Insights are designed to be user and team specific
  • Presented in dashboard views for 30k assessment with ability to drill-down
  • Can be combined with the Inclusive Network and Inclusive Interview to capture more detail
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Resume Filtering Bias

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Is Your Remote Team Happy?

Multiple surveys show remote workers to be happier than on-site employees, but that's not always true. Remote workers have also communicated feeling less included and missing on promotion opportunities. How do you measure your remote colleagues' happiness?

Out with the Old & In with the New

Are You Recruiting Remote Workers?

Organizations expand their talent pools by considering remote workers for open roles. Companies also experience lower attrition by offering remote work. If you're recruiting remote workers, what metrics can you share with them to highlight your hybrid-remote work inclusion?

Making Hiring Fair

How Do You Replace Water Cooler Talk?

One aspect that's often mentioned as being missed by hybrid or remote workers are those spontaneous conversations that occur onsite. What are you doing to fill the gap on those missed water cooler conversations?

Blockchain as a CooperativeA Distributed Approach to Sourcing and Screening

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About the Inclusive Network

We're building the HRIS blockchain foundation

Find New Candidates and Improve D&I

The Inclusive Network is a blockchain as a co-operative. It's part DAO but with more directional structure to ensure efficiency. The Inclusive Network Token (INT) is an ERC-20 utility token minted on the Avalanche blockchain and has a fixed supply. Don't worry, you don't need any blockchain experience, or wallet, to participate. Our whitepaper provides all of the detail.

A Cooperative Approach to D&I

Organizations anonymously collaborate to share interviews of rejected candidates which supports those applicants by surfacing them to other employers who may be of a better fit. This cooperative approach to candidate screening is grounded in the belief that for any rejected candidate at company (x), there is finite number of potential better matches at company (x1,x2,…xn).

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Bank of America
Lead-in Interview Lead-in Interview

A Live-Stream Interview

Lead-in Interview is a live interview with one candidate and an Inclusive Network team member. The interview is live streamed on YouTube. It's a great way for organizations to find qualified talent. Join our next event: you may just find a great candidate!