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Why Inclusive's Fair Screen Improves D&I

Your First Bias Reduction Step

A Broader Talent Pool | More Candidates

We'll surface a more diverse talent population to you in a pre-screened format

Most organizations receive 20 extra, qualififed candidates per requisition

To support a more diverse and inclusive paradigm, we need a new approach | Join Now


Screening Efficiency | Improved Time to Fill

Our new 'Lead-in' format will improve screening efficiency and reduce unintentional bias

With a more diverse and qualified applicant pool, you'll see improved time to fill metrics

WIth a new approach to sourcing candidates we can all contribute to a more diverse and inclusive process

Your First Bias Reduction Step

Real D&I Progress | Inititaives Obtained

As part of the Inclusive Network you will reach a new population of qualified candidates

Think of the Inclusive Network as a co-operative sourcing solution which brings positive change in a more accelerated way

Want a More Inclusive Hybrid-Remote Work Model?

The Inclusive Hybrid Work App provides real data to more rapidly diagnose bottlenecks in your remote work model

Better Insights. Faster.

We've all been only 3 minutes into a 30 minute phone screen and recognized there isn't a fit. With accelerated first impressions, provided by Fair Screen ™, you're now engaging with candidates most likely to succeed in your organization.


Select video questions from pre-recorded library or create your own.

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Candidate receives questions and responds at their convenience.

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You receive video responses and in-depth behavioral insights with custom actionable score.

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Benchmarking Tool to Identify the Most Important Personality Traits for a Role and Company

Our Custom Elev8 Score includes a benchmarking process to identify which personality traits are predictive of success in a role for your company.

This is based upon the Big 5 Personality Traits, which consistently score better than other psychometric assessments in predicting individual behavior.

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