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Join a blockchain to access more candidates, accelerate time to hire, and improve diversity and inclusion

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How it Works

Diversity and inclusion requires a labor market solution

Webex by Cisco

Install Inclusive Network App

  • Visit the Webex App Hub to install the Inclusive Network app
  • The Inclusive Network requires no new software or blockchain knowledge
  • It's free to join and participate and you can even earn utility tokens
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Interview Candidates

Interview Candidates as Usual

  • Interview candidates on Webex Meetings as you normally would
  • Upon conclusion of the interview, Inclusive will generate a candidate Lead-In
  • You decide to approve which candidate's Lead-In is shared with the network
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Access New Talent

Access New Talent

  • Access Lead-Ins of candidates interviewed by other network organizations
  • The 65s short-form video Lead-in format accelerates screening activities
  • You gain access to qualified candidates fitting your job requisition needs
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Resume Filtering Bias

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

The Machine Bias Problem

99% of Fortune 500 companies use an appplicant tracking system to screen out, on average, 75% of all applicants and the criterea used for rejection is usually hidden or part of a black-box algorithm

Out with the Old & In with the New

Don't Forget about Human Bias

The hiring model is broken. 80% of interviews end with no job offer and it's the machine and human bias getting in the way. The Inclusive Network solves the recruiting paradox around efficiency and fairness

Making Hiring Fair

AI and ATS Regulation is Coming

The Inclusive Network is a cooperative approach to candidate selection. You'll get more interviews because we share your Lead-In with employers on the tools they already use for interviewing

It’s the Future Don’t be Left Behind

A Shared Approach is Needed

75% of applicants are rejected by software and 94% of companies acknowledge they reject qualified candidates; our process reduces both machine and human bias

Blockchain as a CooperativeA Distributed Approach to Sourcing and Screening

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About the Inclusive Network

We're building the HRIS blockchain foundation

Find New Candidates and Improve D&I

The Inclusive Network is a blockchain as a co-operative. It's part DAO but with more directional structure to ensure efficiency. The Inclusive Network Token (INT) is an ERC-20 utility token minted on the Avalanche blockchain and has a fixed supply. Don't worry, you don't need any blockchain experience, or wallet, to participate. Our whitepaper provides all of the detail.

Labor Market D&I Cooperative

Organizations anonymously collaborate to share interviews of rejected candidates which supports those applicants by surfacing them to other employers who may be of a better fit. This cooperative approach to candidate screening is grounded in the belief that for any rejected candidate at company (x), there is finite number of potential better matches at company (x1,x2,…xn).

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Bank of America
Lead-in Interview Lead-in Interview

A Live-Stream Interview

Lead-in Interview is a live interview with one candidate and an Inclusive Network team member. The interview is live streamed on YouTube. It's a great way for organizations to find qualified talent. Join our next event: you may just find a great candidate!